Someone i consider a great friend sent this to me today. I needed it and have a feeling that some others in our church could use it! While it pertains directly to children, it's not hard to see the application for every area of the church. I thought I'd just share it with you:

"As a Christian, you certainly have a right to an opinion, and you ought to have convictions. But as far as the church is concerned, please don’t move the lampstand away from its rightful position. Don’t use the church’s valuable resources to wage a battle that God is just not fighting. Instead of fighting Harry Potter or ______________(you can fill in the blank with our own situation), maybe we should be spending our energies helping kids become intrigued with the mystery of God who made the universe. Maybe we should turn the spotlight on the supernatural powers of a God who can do absolutely anything. If we put the lampstand where it is supposed to be, we can capture the imaginations of our children in a way where they will never lose the wonder of their Creator."

-Reggie Joiner

(Reggie Joiner is a highly respected leader in Children's Ministry)

Stay focused, Atlee, on what we are called to do: Reaching people who are far from God and outside of other churches. The floodgates of heaven will open if we are true to our purpose.

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