The Ghost of the Past - A poem by Connie Lewis

This was written in response to last weeks message - I just had to share it! Thanks Connie! As the years go by we seemed to be haunted Our past catches up with us and taunts us. The ghosts of mistakes, catastrophes and hurts, we try to move on but the pain comes in spurts. We look for the answers but sometimes it’s not found a lot of the times our heads are bowed to the ground. For some, the answer will never exist for others an answer will be found thru a mist. Whatever it is, don’t think you’re alone, And always remember never to groan. For those of you who want to get rid of your past identify the hurt that haunted you last. The person or person who hurt you the most, the event or events that haunt you like ghosts. Learn to accept and praise God each day and he will help you thru all your dismay. Don’t take the blame for hurt caused by others, love them as if they were your sister or brother. Forgiveness is crucial for a healthy life start today and get rid of your strife. Remember that this can only be done by praying to God thru his loving Son. Give him your burdens and things will improve only God can make this mysterious move. So embrace every moment as God leads the way, let him direct you, day after day. Soon you will feel the ghosts of your past leave you and make you feel free at last.
By: Connie Lewis

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