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Third tenet - GIVE MORE

Think about it this way: if we spent less on gifts that no one needs or wants then we would have more to spend on things that matter more - and it will have a longer impact both on the one giving as well as the one receiving.

We are familiar with the verse…

‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’ Acts 20:35 (NIV84)

But let’s be honest, that’s only true if what is being given truly has meaning and purpose – right?

And if we can give it without going into debit to get it in the first place – right?

How many of you have ever had the family talk that goes something like this. Maybe dad or mom is giving the talk – "This year things are a little tight and we just can’t do very much for Christmas."

Can anyone relate?

Maybe you need to have that conversation this year. If so, HAVE IT! And stick to it – it's OK!

I want to give you some alternatives to enjoy the spirit of Christmas without losing your peace. Some ways to spend less and give more.

What if ...instead of buying presents that you can’t afford that nobody needs or will remember a year from now anyway, you decide as a family to help someone else out?

Here are a few examples of different non-profits that are making a difference in the lives of those less fortunate than many of us:

Compassion International – releasing children from poverty in Jesus' name

Hope For Families World Wide – send a kid to camp for free

Hands Up Ministries – Affordable Housing for the Homeless

Richmond Justice Initiative – helping to stop human trafficking

For kids and teens, here's the greatest gift you could give mom and dad this year: take the lead and say, "Instead of buying so much for me, let's help someone else out this Christmas."

I promise that next year, when you get asked about last year’s Christmas presents, this will be the one everyone will remember.

A simple way to spend less and give more. A way of keeping your peace while enjoying and truly celebrating Christmas.

So far we have talked about worshiping fully, spending less and giving more!

One last tenet…

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