An ALL IN Moment!

Check out this ALL IN moment that was shared with me. This is what happens when we are open to what God wants to do in us and through us! 

Baby Steps. Anonymous Random Acts of Kindness. You never know who it's about.

Saturday about 2 p.m. I was going to get a battery for my watch. I pulled up to an intersection and across the road there was a man all bundled up and holding a sign for new townhouses being built down the street. He was hopping around and holding the sign and then trying to get his hands warm. It was REALLY cold and the wind was blowing a lot. While waiting for the light to change, I noticed that no one seemed to see him or even glance in his direction as they went by. As I turned through the light I waved to him so he would know somebody knew he was there. As I drove past, I wondered if he had any glove warmers. I mean it was bitter cold even in my car and he was standing outside in the cold wind. I stopped at CVS on the way to the jewelry store and picked up 3 packages of glove warmers and then thought maybe he would like a snack or something to eat. I didn't know how many hours he had been standing there. So I picked up 3 giant Snickers bars. Total: around $6.

I went and got my watch fixed, and when I came back to the intersection he wasn't there. So I drove down to the sales office to see if he'd just taken a break. The sales agent didn't know his name or where he was. She only knew he was working until 4 p.m. I drove back out and thought maybe he'd gone into one of the stores at the strip mall to warm up or use the bathroom. I didn't see him so I figured I'd just go home. Got back to the light and he was there, so I parked right in the turn lane and ran over to him. I started to say, "It's really cold out here, so I thought you might need" - and he said before I finished - "glove warmers?"  I said, "Yes! And a little treat too!"  He said "God Bless," and I turned and ran back to the car. When the light changed, he was squatting on the ground in the wind trying to get the warmers open and into his gloves. And then I knew that I wasn't quite finished yet. So I drove back through the parking lot to look for him and he was gone. I assumed he had run back over to one of the stores to get out of the wind so he could get his gloves packed with the warmers. I decided to park close to where he would go back to stand and hold the sign. There was an old, old, old car sitting there and then I saw him in the car. He was fixing his gloves. I hopped out and he looked around and smiled and opened his car door. Couldn't roll down the window probably because there was a piece of cardboard taped to part of it. I told him God had pointed out that I wasn't done yet and I handed him $20. And then I saw the young boy sitting in his car. He had brought his son with him to sit in the car and wait while he stood in the cold and held the sign. He again said "God bless" to me as I ran back to my car. 

I'm pretty sure my insignificant gesture hasn't changed his life in any major way. But I know it changed mine. I am so going to try to be more aware of what's going on around me. I don't want to miss even one small opportunity to make a decision and then take some action. 

I sure hope his son likes Snickers.

Hand-warmers - $6.

Gift - $20.

Experience - priceless.

While this All In moment changed the "giver's" life, I guarantee it had an impact on this man and his son as well! It is never just about us!

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