Urgent Request

A few years ago Lanette and I had the privilege to go to South Africa. While we were there Lanette had an accident and broke both of her legs - a story for another day. Long story short while she was in the hospital I stayed with an incredible couple - the Van Dyk's.

Jurg is the founder and director of Global Missions South Africa . I received a special prayer request from him that I would like to pass on.

Dear friends

I am taking the liberty to request from you to please pray for the situation in Mozambique. On Friday there was an attack on a military installation in the village of Savane close to Dondo where we are working. Many of the civilians from that area fled to the town of Dondo. There has also been attacks on vehicles on the roads and threats of attacking the railway line in the Savane area. Some police, soldiers and civilians were killed in these attacks. Some of our team members were travelling and had to pass an area where there had been attacks, they were escorted by the military and has arrived safely at the base. Others will be travelling on these roads next week. Please pray that peace will be restored and the violence be ended and that the two political parties will return to the negotiation table.

Please pray for our team in Mozambique: for their safety and protection and that they will remain calm in this situation. Pray for the leadership for wisdom as we assess the situation.

Thank you that we can involve you to pray for them in this situation.   

Jurg van DΓΏk
Director GMSA

God is doing some amazing work through these guys and bringing some much needed hope to a region that desperately needs it. Please keep them in your prayers.

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