Every time bad weather threatens I start stress'n.

The days leading up to last weekend were filled with tension as I knew I might have to make the call not to hold services Sunday morning. As it turned out that was the call I had to make and I HATED IT!

However thanks to some incredible staff we not only were able to pull off a Saturday evening service at the last minute we were also able to broadcast the Saturday night service Sunday morning. The entire service!

Which has also pushed us to do what we have been wanting to do for a while, broadcast the entire Sunday morning service live online. We have been making the message available online for a several years. But starting this Sunday we will broadcast the entire 10:30 service LIVE.

To watch it you can click here online.atleechurch.org.

This opens up so many opportunities. For example you can now invite your skeptical friends to watch a service online before they come so they will know what to expect. Or if you are away on vacation - no more missing church! The one I am most excited about is the chance to share Christ with even more people.

After the first of the year we hope to add other opportunities to view the entire service other than just Sunday's at 10:30.

To get the maximum impact out of this you can help. We need people to help with things like monitoring the site while it is up, responding to prayer request and other questions people may have. If interested send an email to stories@atleechurch.com.

The biggest help will be to pass the word along that this opportunity now exists.

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