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I want to thank Mark Tapscott for all the work he put into the study guide for the Uncharted series and for his closing message on Sunday. Here are some of his thoughts and highlights from the last 6 weeks.
If you missed any of the series you can view them on our website here.

On Sunday, we closed out our series Uncharted.  As I look back on the past 6 weeks I'm in awe of how much has happened in the lives of the people who attend Atlee Community Church.  One young lady who has 3 children started coming to Atlee on the week Uncharted began.  Since then she has been back nearly every week. She has reached out to her new-found church family for support and has received it.  She told me her prayer life and her faith has been awakened to a new level, after having been away from church for sometime.

Another young man came up to me last Sunday and thanked me for the message and for the prior weeks' content, telling me that it's helped him shape his faith and take things more seriously.  Then there was an older gentleman whose heart for missions was brought to life as he learned about the foundation of church and the way a church should be in harmony with its community, giving to those who have a need.  In the middle of this series we participated in Mission to Virginia, and over 80 people showed up in Mechanicsville to go out into the community to do small home repairs, rake leaves and other jobs to help the elderly, disabled and many others who needed some extra help to face the upcoming winter months.

We saw nearly 50 people across our three campuses raise their hands to claim Christ as their Lord and Savior during this series.  The prayer room in Mechanicsville was often standing room only after our services on Sunday.  I think it's safe to say that many people entered into uncharted waters during this series.

I hope you were able to begin your own journey into the uncharted.  It can be scary, not knowing how God is going to show up, or use you in the process, but that's also what makes it an exciting adventure.  As you do your own reflection over the past 6 weeks of this series, I hope you will continue to grow deeper in your faith by applying these 6 principles in your walk with Jesus, always knowing that He has your course set out for you – it's up to you to follow Him in it.

                                                                - Mark Tapscott, Mechanicsville Campus Pastor

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