You Are Invited

This coming Sunday is National Back To Church Sunday. How in the world did this become a national event? Honestly I don't know. But I like it and here's why we're participating.

I hear people say "I really need to go to church," or "I need to go back to church." What they're saying is they know something is missing in their lives and they know some how it's connected to church. The other side of that is they know they just haven't prioritized it in their life.

National Back To Church Sunday began as a movement to invite everyone in America back to church by empowering and motivating church members to invite their family and friends to come with them.

The movement was fueled by statistics like:

   "82% of the unchurched are at least somewhat likely to attend church if invited"
                                                                     –Dr. Thom Rainer, The Unchurched Next Door

Yet only 2% of Christians EVER invite someone to church!

And feedback from research:

  "And more people would attend if given one simple thing—an invitation.” 
                                                                                     – Philip Nation, LifeWay Research

Pastor Mike Abbamonte has started a saying at the West End Campus: "It starts with the invite". He's exactly right. (But don't tell him I said so - it might go to his head.)

The last person I invited to church actually came, and it left me with two thoughts:

1. What would have happened if I hadn't invited them?
2. Who else would come if I invited them?

So what about you - when is the last time you invited someone?

More importantly - who will you invite this Sunday? 

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