You can talk about politics and religion, or you can have friends.

The scriptures clearly teach that two kingdoms exist. There's the kingdom of this world (made up of several mini kingdoms) and there's the kingdom of God.

From scripture I see three things:
  • Both church and state were created by God.
  • Both have a divine assignment from God.
  • Both were designed to co-exist and work together for the greater good of the people.
While both have divine assignments, their assignments are very different. The collision happens when the lines of their divine assignments get blurred and/or crossed!

The church is called to to be in the world not of the world so that we can be for the world. The divine assignment of the church is to advance the work of the Kingdom of God - for the sake of the kingdoms of this world.

We’re to be IN it not OF it so we can be FOR it!

The Church's divine assignment is to be the presence and voice of God in society. But there's a right way and a wrong way to go about doing that.

We can make a point or we can make a difference. At the end of the day if we haven't made a difference, what's the point.

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