Pastor Loses Job

I just walked into the office to find an article in my mailbox titled - "Pastor loses job after questioning hell's existence."

This is in response to his facebook post concerning his thoughts around Rob Bell's book. Again I say - REALLY?!

What in the world are people so afraid of? Why are we so afraid to admit that there are some things that the bible does not fill in all the blanks on?

Here is what happens, in my opinion - and you know what people say about opinions. Opinions are like arm pits, we all have them and they all stink.

So here is my stink...the bible leaves out some details - I wish it didn't but it does - so we fill in the blanks. The "blanks" (our beliefs) we fill in become concrete as if the bible had said these things. People then become so sure that the blanks they have filled in (on God's behalf) are absolute truths they begin to teach them as such.

We then end up hanging our hat more on what we really don't know than what we really do know. What we do know gets lost in what we don't know because we spend all of our time focused on what we don't know but wish we did know.

I don't know maybe its just me but people are crazy!!!

Before you make a judgement read the book - every chapter, every word. I am not saying I agree with everything Rob says but I do agree with him on this. Belief in Jesus Christ brings you to "heaven" and rejection of Jesus Christ results in "hell." This is true here, now, then and there!

In my opinion some folks sound like Pharisees and Sadducees - taking and twisting what someone else says to fit there personal agendas.

There are somethings that are debatable and some that are not ...God please give us the wisdom to know which is which.

Jesus said - He who is not with me is against me, and he who does not gather with me, scatters. Luke 11:24

Lord please keep all of us from being apart of scattering - the evil one does not need our help with this.

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  1. Jeff, I totally agree with you on this...and I really love the way you put it. What a shame that Christ followers decided we had God all figured out and that we had the answers to all the questions. How arrogant that we could think we have all the answers to all the questions. As long as we agree on Jesus,can't we debate just about anything else?

    Anyway, thanks for your contribution to the conversation. Well done!