Last night on the way home I was scanning radio stations and came across these two "gentlemen" discussing Rob Bell's new book called Love Wins. As I listened to them give their opinions concerning the book what bothered me most was they admitted several times they had not read the book themselves. Yet they continued to critique it. They went as far to say "while neither of us have read his book we know two others who have and we trust their opinions of it."

REALLY!? I hope you don't approach the Bible the same way! I haven't read what it says for myself but I know what others say about it. 
OK, enough said.

So I knew sooner than later I would be asked "what do you think?" So I downloaded the book last night to my Kindle account and dug in. If you know me I am not much of a reader but from the beginning I was intrigued. I have read it cover to cover and can't wait to read it again.

Here is my honest take on the book. It is a must read for everyone I know and don't know. Apart from the Bible it is the most thought provoking, controversial,  inspiring book I have ever read.  It will soon be required reading for my entire staff.

I have read the reviews and heard people's responses to Rob's interviews and all I can say is - REALLY?!

Rob is a master at asking questions and making you think outside what you have heard others say for so long. He is also great at asking questions and not answering them directly - which I personally think is a great way to get people to think and research for themselves. The down side to these kind of questions is people then want to fill in the blanks as to what the "questioner" believes.

If what Rob says challenges your beliefs maybe they need to be challenged. If what he says scares you maybe you need to be scared. If what he says excites you maybe you need to be excited.

 One of many of my favorite quotes from his book:
"So when the gospel is diminished to a question of whether or not a person will "get into heaven," that reduces the good news to a ticket, a way to get past the bouncer and into the club."

And then Rob say this - "The good news is better than that."

The good news really is better than that!

I totally agree with Roblove wins - every single time!

Thanks Rob for following through with this book and thinks for the challenge to trust God at even greater depths.

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  1. Great review, Jeff. Thanks for posting your thoughts!