Seven Things Everyone at Atlee Needs to Be Mindful of Regarding Easter

#1 “It all starts with the invite!” ~ Mike Abbamonte

#2 Pray and ask God who you need to specifically reach out to and invite to an Easter Service. Ask for a name or even just a face!

#3 Do not say “NO” for the person (or face) that God has placed on your heart. If He has placed them on your heart that means He is already at work in their life. They are waiting to be invited!

#4 Re-read Mark 6:55 and get passionate about reaching your friends and family. Run after them, carry them if you have to! Do whatever it takes to get them to come. Get creative!

#5 Everyone spends eternity somewhere - Friends don’t let friends go to hell!

#6 Beg God to touch them and save them! Mark 6:56

#7 Be ready for an incredible celebration! Luke 15:7

After last week's message our Scottsville Campus Pastor, Trey Critzer shared this great example of being passionate and creative with the invite. One of their attenders posted this on facebook:

"To all of my local and sort of local FB friends: I wanted to take a minute to talk about next weekend and invite you to come to Scottsville on Friday night, Saturday afternoon or Sunday morning...or all 3! To lots of people Easter is Bunnies, eggs & candy. To other folks, it's a monumental celebration of their faith, on par with Christmas. To a lot of people it's one of the 3 days a year (Christmas eve, Easter Sunday & Mother's day) that they set foot in a church. The first and last groups are who I am talking to here.
My Church, Atlee Community Church - Scottsville Campus is a Church like NO OTHER you have tried. Doubt me? Last Sunday we (church band) were playing Aerosmith's "Living On the Edge" during our worship set. Today, our Pastor, Trey Critzer was standing in front of the body, handling things masterfully (as always) when I realized that he was wearing a Harley-Davidson t-shirt. Atlee's mantra is "a place for those who gave up on church or have never been", in other words, a different kind of church, where anyone can be comfortable and fit in. We aren't about ANYTHING but reaching people and giving them an opportunity to share in a life changing experience that we love, PERIOD.
We will be having a "Good Friday service" Friday night, Kids day celebration on Saturday and our usual Sunday morning service on....you guessed it:Sunday morning. You can check out the Atlee Scottsville page on FB for more info. ALL ARE WELCOME! and Come as you are, there is no dress code. Bring your friends, kids, grandkids, neighbor's dog, you name it, they're welcome at Atlee.
Lastly: Think about who's sharing this with you, If you've known me since "back in the day" well, you know two things: this is the last thing you thought I'd be trying to get you to do and I wouldn't say all of this unless I meant it. Come check it out, good music, great fellowship and a building full of real people like you. . ."

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