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This coming Sunday we are starting a new series:
"Minefields - Marriage in the Trenches".
I am more passionate about this marriage series than any I've done before! I am tired of seeing so many marriages fail. If you are tired of seeing your marriage fail then join me for this series.

Marriage isn't easy! Recently, a good friend made this observation:

"Both marriage and war should be entered with careful consideration and sober judgement. The effects of marriage, like war, are long lasting and far reaching. Many lives are impacted for better or for worse. When you enter either marriage or war, you should have a plan to succeed. It is reckless to enter either without a plan. The commitment you make in war is that you might sacrifice your life. The commitment you make in marriage is that you do sacrifice your life."

Marriage may be a lot like war, but what if we stopped fighting in our marriage and started fighting for our marriage!

This video gives a preview of what we will be discussing over the next few weeks.

Lanette and I are celebrating 30 years of marriage this year. We didn't make it this far because we are "good people." We didn't make it this far because we are "soul mates" (whatever that is). We made it this far because God is good! We made it this far because God's principles and promises work!

If you have been married 20 years or more, I would love to hear your marriage story. Tell me what worked and what didn't work and what advice would you offer to others. Email them to stories@atleechurch.org.

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  1. PCC began our marriage and family series today. I thought about you and Lanette and the example that the two of you have set for so many people at Atlee and beyond. That includes me and Susan. We look up to you and count it one of our life's great honors to consider you real friends.

    Thank you for offering your lives to us as a great example of how Good God is with this gift called marriage.