Here are some take-aways from the Re:Awaken conference hosted at New Spring Church today.

Depression doesn't just happen there is a reason.
The hardest story to look at is our own.
God delights in us.
90% of pastors don't finish well.
God wants to deal with our weaknesses.
All of us have an 8th slice of pie in our lives. The 8th slice is the piece we have walled
off and excluded from ourselves, others and even God.
If we don't transform our pain we will transfer our pain.
We have learned life lessons that are not necessarily God lessons.
5 unattended detractors and distractors that hinder our ability to minister fully:
1. Depression
2. Anxiety/Fear
3. Anger/Conflict
4. Guilt/Shame
5. Emotional & Spiritual Emptiness
We can become so responsible doing ministry that we are no longer responsive to God.
God's Big "T" truths trump life's little "t" truths.
Prayer - God show me "me", then show me "YOU".
Never let fear get ahead of your faith.
Grace is not about me getting it right. Grace is God has already made it right.
Two things we need in order to make it for the long haul - rest & fun.
God calls those who will not work lazy; God calls those who will not rest disobedient.
I have nothing to prove - God's call on my life proves my worth.
Leadership is being able to disappoint people at a sustainable level over a long period of
Leading out of your strengths is good. Ignoring your weaknesses is not.
Beware of two gospels: grace for everyone else, performance for self.

These are just some of the highlights from today. Lanette and I continue to be blessed with God's affirmation of His calling on our life.